Week 7 Top 10 Rankings

Class 6A

We had plenty of shuffling this week in the top 10.  Only 4 teams did not go up or down this week.  Two of those teams is Jenks at #1 and Union at #2.  Midwest City dropped out following the upset loss to Putnam City North.  Sapulpa also dropped out after losing to Bixby.  Speaking of Bixby, the Spartans return to the top 10 after getting the big win over Sapulpa.  Another team that makes it’s return to the top 10 is Owasso.

1)  Jenks Trojans-(6-0)-LW: #1-Beat Broken Arrow 28-7
We had this game circled for 3 months now.  The Trojans are without a doubt the undisputed #1 team now.  In fact, if Jenks can go on the road and beat Westmoore, they’ll have 3 wins over top 5 teams and a nationally ranked team.
2)  Union Redskins-(4-2)-LW: #2-Beat Enid 52-0
On to the next one.  The Redskins are on their way to another district title.  Before the season, I thought Sand Springs’ visit to Union would be interesting, now I’m not so sure.  Union is rolling, expect the same Thursday night.
3)  Lawton Wolverines-(6-0)-LW: #4-Beat Southmoore 50-13
Yikes.  I dropped Lawton in the rankings last week despite winning.  What does Lawton do in response?  Go on the road and dismantle a Southmoore team that will probably make the playoffs this season.  This sets up a Goliath match up on Friday as Lawton plays host to Edmond Santa Fe.
4)  Westmoore Jaguars-(6-0)-LW: #5-Beat Putnam City 16-14
This was probably the head scratcher of the week.  Putnam City had played teams close but not up to the level of Westmoore.  The Jaguars struggled to get past the Pirates which raised eyebrows all over the state.  Westmoore will need to turn it around in a hurry as #1 Jenks comes to town Friday.
5)  Broken Arrow Tigers-(4-2)-LW: #3-Lost to Jenks 28-7
The Tigers struggled with turnovers on Friday to the #1 ranked Trojans.  It looks like this year will be another Jenks-Union affair.  Oklahoma State commit Devon Thomas left the game with a knee injury.  BA will need to finish the regular season strong to take some momentum into the playoffs.
6)  Edmond Santa Fe Wolves-(5-1)-LW: #6-Beat Putnam City West 57-20
How good is Santa Fe?  Obviously they’re good.  I believe that this team will go where Justice Hansen takes them.  If Hansen has a bad game I think this team will struggle.  The Wolves have a huge district game coming up when they travel south to take on #3 Lawton.
7)  Norman North Timberwolves-(4-2)-LW: #7-Beat US Grant 54-0
Is David Cornwell’s knee okay?  That’s one of the biggest questions in 6A football right now.  If his knee is okay, the Timberwolves are a decent threat once the playoffs roll around.  If the injury forces him to sit the rest of the year, they become average very quickly.  T’Wolves take on Edmond North in district clash on Friday.
8)  Edmond Memorial Bulldogs-(4-2)-LW: #9-Beat Mustang 24-21 2OT
The Bulldogs got a nice double overtime win over a respectable Mustang team.  Memorial should roll this week as they take on Choctaw.  We’ll find out very quickly how good this team is next week when they start a two week stretch with playing Southmoore and Edmond Santa Fe.
9)  Owasso Rams-(3-3)-LW: UR-Beat Bartlesville 59-14
When you’re Owasso, beating Bartlesville isn’t impressive.  Owasso beating Bartlesville by 45 points is what’s impressive.  The Rams travel to Booker T Washington on Thursday to take on the Hornets.  If Owasso gets the win, you can mark it down, this is the 2nd best team in 6A-1 behind Union.
10)  Bixby Spartans-(4-2)-LW: UR-Beat Sapulpa 34-24
In the losses to Westmoore and Broken Arrow, Bixby turned the ball over 9 times.  I’m not here to say that they would have won without those turnovers, but it would have been closer.  In the win over Sapulpa, it was the Chieftains who turned the ball over at costly points.  Bixby now focuses on an Edison team that lost to a previously winless Muskogee team.

Class 5A

Only movement this week is #1 and #3 swapping spots.  McAlester remains at #2 and Guthrie moves into the #1 spot following their win over Carl Albert.

1)  Guthrie Blue Jays-(6-0)-LW: #3-Beat Carl Albert 28-21
Remember this game once we get into the playoffs.  There’s a good chance we’ll see these two hook it up again in December for a state title.  Guthrie got the comeback victory over the defending champs.  It was the first time Guthrie was really tested this season and they passed with flying colors. 
2)  McAlester Buffaloes-(5-1)-LW: #2-Beat Hale 54-12
How serious is the injury to starting quarterback Dalton Wood?  They didn’t need him in the win over Hale, they probably don’t need him this week as they take on Durant.  Next week they come to Tulsa to take on Bishop Kelley.  The Buffs might get the win without their junior signal caller, but to have a better shot, they need him back.
3)  Carl Albert Titans-(4-2)-LW: #1-Lost to Guthrie 28-21
The Titans fell at home to Guthrie by 7 to drop in the rankings for the first time this season.  The Titans wrapped up a 3 week gauntlet run where they faced Bishop McGuinness, Deer Creek and Guthrie in consecutive weeks.  The Titans will now stroll into the playoffs as one of the elite teams in 5A.
4)  Lawton MacArthur Highlanders-(4-2)-LW: #4-Beat Chickasha 56-21
Lawton Mac rolled again in a big win over Chickasha.  The Highlanders will be tested this week as they play host to Duncan.  The next two weeks should be easy wins before a week 10 showdown on the road against Ardmore. 
5)  Bishop Kelley Comets-(5-1)-LW: #5-Beat Noble 28-0
The Comets haven’t given up any points in district play.  Bishop Kelley has pitched 3 shutouts but have a stout team coming to Tulsa this week.  The Comets face Shawnee on Friday.  It’s likely Bishop Kelley will give up some points, it’s also likely it won’t be as many as the 48 Coweta scored in week 3, which was the last time BK gave up points.
 6)  Deer Creek Antlers-(4-2)-LW: #6-Beat Guymon 48-0
No contest here, any surprise?  The Antlers rolled right thru Guymon and has beaten their last two opponents by a combined score of 118-0.  Those two opponents weren’t tough but the schedule does get harder.  Deer Creek will face Western Heights and should get a blowout win before hosting Guthrie next week.
7)  Ardmore Tigers-(5-1)-LW: #7-Beat Duncan 28-0
The Tigers got a nice shutout win over a decent Duncan team.  Ardmore avoided a hangover loss after last week’s big win over Del City.  Ardmore probably won’t be tested again until week 10 when they face Lawton Mac.
8)  Del City Eagles-(3-3)-LW: #8-Beat Altus 52-14
Maybe #8 is too high for the Eagles now that they are going to be without Terry Wilson for the rest of the season.  Del City already has faced the two best teams in their district and have a win over Lawton Mac.  Where Del City stacks up compared to the rest of 5A will be something to pay attention to.
9)  Claremore Zebras-(5-1)-LW: #9-Beat East Central 37-22
The Zebras’ only loss is to a very good McAlester team.  Claremore has struggled in some surprising spots which has made them appear more vulnerable.  Claremore goes on the road this week to take on Pryor.  Pryor is the only other 3-0 team in district 5A-4. 
10)  Shawnee Wolves-(4-2)-LW: #10-Beat Skiatook 42-7
The Wolves rolled over Skiatook after dropping a 14 point loss to #2 McAlester.  Shawnee will look to continue this momentum this week as they take on #5 Bishop Kelley.  If the Wolves want any chance at hosting a playoff game, they have to get a win against the Comets.

Class 4A

Similar to 5A, #1 and #3 have swapped spaces.  Fort Gibson and Poteau will swap at the 7 and 8 spots after their meeting last week.

1)  Anadarko Warriors-(6-0)-LW: #3-Beat Clinton 35-7
The Warriors had not been tested until this rematch from last season’s 4A title game.  Anadarko had no problem blowing out the defending champ on the road.  This Warrior team is the real deal.
2)  Wagoner Bulldogs-(6-0)-LW: #2-Beat Miami 55-21
The Bulldogs roll once again and are one win closer to a 10-0 regular season.  Wagoner faces an Oologah team that has not lost a district game this season.  The Bulldogs should have no problem with the Mustangs this week.
3)  Clinton Red Tornadoes-(4-2)-LW: #1-Lost to Anadarko 35-7
I’m not surprised that Anadarko won but by 28 points on the road?  I know Clinton missed Simpkins but Anadarko wasn’t at full strength either.  The silver lining, I guess, is the fact that Clinton lost this match up last year and we know how that turned out.
4)  Ada Cougars-(5-1)-LW: #4-Beat Santa Fe South 63-0
The Cougars roll again in 4A-2 play.  Ada travels up to the 918 to take on a struggling Glenpool team.  It appears that all signs are pointing to a week 10 clash with Ada and Douglass.
5)  Douglass Trojans-(5-1)-LW: #5-Beat Glenpool 36-7
Maybe Glenpool isn’t very good.  I expected more from the Warriors but the Trojans dismantled them with ease.  Just like I said with Ada, it appears that Douglass’ next test will come in the season finale.
6)  Catoosa Indians-(4-2)-LW: #6-Beat McLain 42-14
The Indians rolled over a decent McLain team and I believe Catoosa is the 2nd best team in district 4A-3.  Catoosa hasn’t faced Oologah yet but I believe they’ll handle the Mustangs and host a first round playoff game.
7)  Poteau Indians-(6-0)-LW: #8-Beat Fort Gibson 42-28
I’m still hesitant.  I have no idea why.  Poteau probably deserves to be ranked higher but I still hesitate with the surprising unbeaten Indians.  If they beat Cascia Thursday, I’ll have no choice but to throw them into the top 5.
8)  Fort Gibson Tigers-(4-2)-LW: #7-Lost to Poteau 42-28
The Tigers dropped a spot after the 14 point loss to Poteau.  Fort Gibson shouldn’t have a problem bouncing back this week as they take on Muldrow.  They still have Cascia Hall and Sallisaw left on the schedule and both games are on the road. 
9)  Sallisaw Black Diamonds-(4-2)-LW: #9-Beat Rogers 52-20
No hangover loss here, Sallisaw had no problem with Rogers, one week after upsetting Cascia Hall.  The Black Diamonds still have Fort Gibson left on the schedule and could end up being the 2nd best team in the district.
10)  Cascia Hall Commandoes-(5-1)-LW: #10-Beat Muldrow 28-14
Is this the beginning of a new district streak that will last another 8 years?  The Commandoes bounced back from the loss to Sallisaw by beating Muldrow.  Cascia now focuses on unbeaten Poteau.  When was the last time Cascia Hall lost TWO district games in the same season?  We might see it Thursday night.

Class 3A

No changes at all as the top 10 teams beat their opponents by an average score of 42-5.

1)  Kingfisher Yellowjackets-(6-0)-LW: #1-Beat John Marshall 54-16
2)  Seminole Chieftains-(6-0)-LW: #2-Beat Bethany 41-0
3)  Blanchard Lions-(6-0)-LW: #3-Beat Marlow 43-14
4)  Metro Christian Patriots-(6-0)-LW: #4-Beat Dewey 42-2
5)  Victory Christian Conquerors-(6-0)-LW: #5-Beat Okmulgee 41-6
6)  Cushing Tigers-(6-0)-LW: #6-Beat Henryetta 42-0
7)  Plainview Indians-(6-0)-LW: #7-Beat Purcell 29-6
8)  Tuttle Tigers-(5-1)-LW: #8-Beat Bridge Creek 49-0
9)  Berryhill Chiefs-(5-1)-LW: #9-Beat Sperry 42-0
10)  Locust Grove Pirates-(6-0)-LW: #10-Beat Jay 40-3

Class 2A

Not a lot of change in the top 10.  4 and 5 swap after OCS dropped a 7 point loss to #1 Millwood.  Down at the bottom we had some shuffling around.  Commerce enters the top 10 for the first time this season and Hugo drops a couple spots. 

1)  Millwood Falcons-(6-0)-LW: #1-Beat OCS 42-35
2)  Davis Wolves-(6-0)-LW: #2-Beat Marietta 47-7
3)  Vian Wolverines-(6-0)-LW: #3-Beat Keys 55-13
4)  Hennessey Eagles-(5-1)-LW: #5-Beat Perry 40-7
5)  OCS Saints-(4-2)-LW: #4-Lost to Millwood 42-35
6)  Adair Warriors-(5-1)-LW: #6-Beat Choteau 67-0
7)  Nowata Ironmen-(5-1)-LW: #7-Beat Pawhuska 31-23
8)  Meeker Bulldogs-(6-0)-LW: #10-Beat Stroud 13-0
9)  Commerce Tigers-(6-0)-LW: UR-Beat Hulbert 50-0
10)  Hugo Buffaloes-(5-1)-LW: #8-Lost to Hartshorne 62-41


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