Monthly Archives: June 2013

So It Begins…

With the upcoming 2013 high school football season getting closer and closer everyday.  I decided to set this blog up to give an even more in depth aspect of our coverage of high school sports in Oklahoma.  Leading up to the season I’ll be posting about once a week with different stories with recruiting and other items.  The month of August will be dedicated to previewing the 2013 football season. 

I’ll be posting select interviews and segments from the High School Roundup heard every Saturday morning on the Sports Animal from 9-10.  We’re just trying to expand our coverage on high school sports in Oklahoma and this is the best way to do it. 

Be sure and listen to the only year round high school sports show in Oklahoma on Saturday mornings from 9-10.  Follow me on Twitter for updates @Michael_Knight1

Looking forward to a great season.